Professional Consultation Offerings

  • One on one consultation on a regular or as-needed basis.
  • Virtual or in-person setting.
  • Group consultation.
  • Therapy career and private practice business ownership guidance.
  • Agency structure and leadership guidance.
  • Burnout, compassion fatigue, and vicarious trauma support for helping professionals.
  • Trauma therapy interventions including EMDR and Brainspotting

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Professional & Clinical Consultation

Humans are complex. It can feel lonely and difficult to transition from regular support and consultation in a graduate school or internship setting, to working more independently as a therapist. It is inevitable that challenges will arise in this field that would benefit from a second opinion and additional support.

I’ll provide a space where you can receive professional support, become more confident about your role as a therapist, and grow personally as you discuss and learn from your experiences. Whether it is a one time phone call, an ongoing consultation relationship, or an occasional space to sort out options as they come up, I am here to provide direction in a non-judgmental way. I have experience as a supervisor and clinical director in a trauma focused mental health agency as well as experience shifting and forming my own career and practice. I am trained in EMDR and Brainspotting and regularly implement these techniques with clients that have complex trauma experiences.

Training topics may include, but are not limited to:

  • Compassion fatigue, burnout, and secondary trauma
  • Body safety and abuse
  • How to speak to your children about sex, pornography and abuse
  • Postpartum and perinatal mental health
  • Art therapy techniques
  • Play therapy techniques
  • Trauma therapy interventions including EMDR and Brainspotting
  • Anxiety and Depression with teens
  • How trauma impacts our brain

Have a specific interest or need and want to discuss training possibilities?

Professional Training

I have years of experience facilitating trainings in a variety of settings and leading speaking engagements, panel discussions, and educational groups on a variety of topics.  I serve as a trainer with the Illinois Coalition against Sexual Assault, and have experience speaking to a variety of age groups and populations. In my career I have trained law enforcement, military units, child advocacy workers and volunteers, foster parents and caregivers, education staff, hospital staff, new professionals, seasoned professionals, inmates, addiction recovery groups, sex offenders, adult women, teen groups and more. I also hold a certification in compassion fatigue.

I have also been a guest on several podcast episodes (linked below) and have provided quotes and social media takeovers for other organizations.

To inquire about learning opportunities, please contact my office and I will help to customize an event or speaking engagement to your needs. I am also available to provide opportunities virtually utilizing whatever platform you use.

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