Directions and Entrance Instructions

I am now located on the 2nd floor of the main building (6035) in Suite 204C in Kellar Station- 6035 N Knoxville Ave. Peoria IL 61614.

You can enter the campus off Knoxville rd, or off Northmoor rd. (The campus backs up to Donovan Park and is across the street from Junction City Shopping Center)

Please read the directions carefully as there is still construction and signage being completed .

Parking and Entrance: You may park wherever is available, but the most convenient location is to park near CXT Coffee and the Rothan Group. Please enter through the door under the Kellar Station banner to the left of the Rothan Group entrance.

Once inside: Immediately inside that entrance is a staircase. Take the staircase to the 2nd floor. Once you enter the second floor, go straight  toward the far hallway and then take a right. My office is located at the very end of the far hallway. It is the corner office and my business cards are attached to the door as a label for the time being. 

The waiting area is still being completed as furniture delivery is delayed, but feel free to sit in the foyer area if the door is closed and I am finishing a session. 

* if you have concerns about utilizing the stairs while the elevator is being completed please let me know and I can continue to meet you at the temporary location. 

if your appointment is on Wednesday – please be advised that Kellar Station has a Farmers Market every Wednesday from 4-7pm. This may impact parking. 

hello@steadfastcounseling.com (309)885-4422

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