Resources and Recommendations

Books I Love


Podcasts I Love

  • Notice That
    • Podcast all about EMDR
  • Stuck Not Broken
    • Podcast about Polyvegal Therapy
  • Trauma Therapist
    • Indepth Podcast about the inner workings of trauma
  • Rerooted- ep. 35 Brainspotting with David grand
    • explains what brainspotting is and why it works.
  • Everything happens- Kate Bowler
    • Episode 11- Bessel van der Kolk- our bodies keep the score
  • Therapists in the Wild
  • Beyond Trauma Podcast
  • Raising Boys and Girls Podcast

Youtube Videos I Love

Local Resources I Love

  • A Balanced Life Integrated Health
    • Morton IL- Health care service that addresses the root causes of health rather than just the symptoms.
  • Lisenby Physical Therapy
    • All women staffed physical therapy. Offers pelvic floor therapy and massage.
  • Sherri Bowald- Truth in Love Counseling
    • Private Practice Psychiatrist- faith based psychiatry service that offers telehealth and in-person services.
  • Soulside Healing Arts
    • Non-Profit Yoga Studio in the heart of Peoria. Operating under a “pay-as-you-can” model to make services available to all.
  • YouAre Well
    • Nutrition and fitness services customized to your needs and available in a variety of settings for your convenience

Products I Love