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Anxiety and Depression

Yes, you can overcome anxiety and depression. I don’t just want to teach you how to manage it, I want to help you uncover it and free yourself to live the life you deserve.


Trauma can look so many different ways and we, as humans, can have so many responses to traumatic events. Understanding the role trauma has played in your life can unlock freedom in so many areas where you feel stuck.

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EMDR and Brainspotting

I am continually blown away by the relief, revelation and freedom that my clients experience by utilizing these specialized therapy techniques.

Walk and Talk

Sometimes one of the most daunting things about therapy is the process of having deep conversations with a therapist in a formal environment. Walk and Talk therapy gets you into nature, allows for a more casual approach and has a multitude of other benefits.

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Church Hurt & Deconstruction

It is incredibly confusing and lonely to be faced with hurt or trauma from a system that is also rooted in hope and love. Even if you have not personally experienced your own trauma, it is still painful to process where your personal beliefs intersect with teachings in your church communities.

Therapy for Therapists

Being in a helping profession is taxing. Especially when you compound your own difficult life experiences with those that you hear daily from others. Therapists need a place to sort through all of it in a safe way.

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