My Teen Refuses to go to Therapy. Now What?

Its not uncommon that a child will drag their feet or even straight up refuse to go to therapy. In my experience I have found that this is typically due to two things : A misunderstanding of their rights to confidentiality. A misunderstanding of what therapy is like. A child’s understanding of the counseling process…

What is “High-Functioning” Anxiety?

Are you suffering from a hidden anxiety disorder? Online therapy or in person therapy can help you discover the roots of high functioning anxiety and find joy.

Is Seasonal Depression a Thing?

I really dislike the winter. I enjoy the cheer around Christmas and Thanksgiving, but once all the fun is over, the Christmas tree is stored away, and every surface seems to be covered in rock salt residue- my mood shifts. Working with clients over the past seven years I began to see how not-alone I…

What is EMDR?

EMDR is an effect method for eliminating symptoms of trauma and distressing memories and help you to live free of distress and anxiety. This post explains EMDR in simple terms for those not understanding what it is.