A therapist that cares about your wellbeing and strives to understand your individual needs to make sure therapy is helpful.

The chance to be heard and accepted while being championed to reclaim the joy in your life.

A comfortable and safe space to talk about anything under the sun in a relaxed way. Therapy shouldn’t be stuffy or intimidating.

The oak is a symbol of strength, patience and steadfastness.  It takes an incredible amount of energy for an oak to get to the point of producing acorns and once it does it can produce up to 10,000 acorns a year. One single acorn can produce an entire forest of trees. And not just any tree but one of the strongest and longest living and thriving trees on the planet.  

Reaching out for therapy and walking through the process takes strength, patience, and steadfastness, but the benefits of giving yourself the gift of healing will create ripple effects that span generations. Therapy will allow you to dig your roots deep- allowing you to access strength in future trials.  

Your story matters.